GraviQ (SP) 1.0

Use the force of gravity to eliminate colored balls


  • Gravity-control element
  • 99 levels
  • Save/load option
  • Help system


  • Not very original


I've reviewed so many Tetris/Columns clones recently that I've started imagining myself as a coloured block. In fact, I'm a little scared to look in the mirror in case I have actually changed into a yellow rock.

Anyway, GraviQ is the latest in a long line of ball-dropping (ahem) games for the phone, charging you with the task of wiping out coloured spheres by joining them into lines of three or more.

The slight difference with this one is that you must take into account the force of gravity, based on the number of balls that are currently stacked.

This makes the gameplay a little more interesting, although ultimately we've seen it all before.

Unlike many of these kind of games on the handheld platform, GraviQ comes with a save feature, which adds to the long-term appeal of the game.

There are plenty of levels to keep you coming back too (99 in total), and you get a nice built-in help system to help you hone your skills.

The gravity control element of the game makes it a little more challenging, but aside from that there's nothing to separate this one from the rest of the block/ball dropping games for handheld devices.

GraviQ is more than your simple, run-of-the-mill ball drop game. This is one of the most addictive games you will ever play, as you fight to control the colored balls, removing them by joining them in rows or columns of three or more.

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GraviQ (SP) 1.0

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